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SDConnect Builds an easy to use API that can be built with a little planning, a little typing, and a little button pushing. build a data connection and implement it in less than 15 minutes!

How SDConnect API Builder Works

How SD Connect API Builder Works

Latest Features

Easier to use install wizard

Easier creation of POST, GET, and Rest-style server calls.

More Efficiency Through SDConnect

SDConnect uses very simple rules which makes this API Builder so easy to use.

SD Connect API Builder Preview

Get Involved

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Documentation | Community | Github | Support | Demo | Download


Is SDConnect easy to use?

Yes, It comes with an Installation wizard, and powerful creation tools, to make your life easy! You can be making transactions in as little as 5 minutes!

What can SDConnect help me accomplish?

SDConnect was built in a general purpose way. What this means, is SDConnect can help in building a simple website server and database for POST, GET, and JSON requests can easily be created for all aspects of development. SDConnect is also fast enough to support full-duplex communication necessary for streaming.