SDConnect v2.3.2


SDConnect is a Server Management System and Database Management System wrapped up into one convenient, easy to use system. SDConnect is perfect for making a prototype back-end for your Application, or can be used to quickly and effectively build a production back-end in minutes, allowing you to focus on user experience.

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Back-End Development Made Easy (and free)!

If you are a web and mobile designer

Do you wish you had more control over the back-end of your application?

Would it be nice to have an easy way to save and return data from a database?

SDConnect does it!

SDConnect is an open source, automated database and server management system that allows you to build your necessary back-end from start to end in less than 20 minutes! Simply Download and upload to the directory your application is in, and we take care of the rest


Latest Features

Easier to use install wizard

Easier creation of POST, GET, and Rest-style server calls.

How SDConnect Works

Let’s say you want to build a REST API.

If a development team builds it, it will take a large amount of time and money to complete. Then whenever you need a new path for your data, the developers will get to work again, eating away at even more time and money.

SDConnect on the other hand uses artificial intelligence to build everything you need with nothing more than a well thought out data architecture plan, and a few minutes.

More Efficientcy Through SDConnect

We did not build this simply to build a back-end, and then have tou figure out how the heck to connect to it. SDConnect’s ease of connect ability, is just as helpful.

SDConnect uses very simple rules for connecting in order to make Front-End development just as easy.

Get Involved

Do want to take part in this great system? Join our community to contribute.

Documentation | Community | Support | Demo


Is SDConnect easy to use?

Yes, It comes with an Installation wizard, and powerful creation tools, to make your life easy! You can be making transactions in as little as 5 minutes!

What can SDConnect help me accomplish?

SDConnect was built in a general purpose way. What this means, is SDConnect can help in building a simple website server and database for POST, GET, and JSON requests can easily be created for all aspects of creation. SDConnect is also fast enough to support full-duplex communication necessary for streaming.


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