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Moving a WordPress Site from Sub to Root Directory – The Simple Way

I recently wanted to move my WordPress site from a Sub-directory to the root directory. This is far more simple then many people on the internet make it out to be.

Standard Caution!

If you have a grand WordPress site that would be life threatening if anything were to be lost, then you should already regularly be making backups of critical files like .htaccess, as well as your database.

2 Step Process

  1. Change Your Base Directory In WordPress
  2. Transfer Files to root

Change Your Base Directory In WordPress

Remove any Directories in SETTINGS > GENERAL

Transfer Files to root

I used Filezilla for this task, however, just about every FTP works. If you are good in Linux it can also be done in a terminal.

open an FTP connection, and select everything inside of your sub-directory and move it to the root.

Reversing the process

This process can be reversed just as easily to move from the root to the sub-directory, or from sub to sub.

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