LinkedIn Smart Networking Bot

Note from Developer: LinkedIn is not exceptionally excited about bots that automate their system. This code should be used for experimenting and learning. The developer does not in any way condone using this bot for a production-like strategy.

What This LinkedIn Bot Does

This bot has 2 main functions:

  1. Finds and connects with people based on your defined criteria.
  2. Has a withdraw process when request log get very large.


  1. Search based on titles you are seeking
  2. Search based on keywords you define
  3. Do not add people that have keywords you do not want (Like sales people)

Recommended Setup

  1. A LinkedIn Account
  2. A Fresh copy of PyCharm
  3. A Fresh Copy of our LinkedIn Bot
  4. A matching version of chromedriver and chrome browser

Setting up this LinkedIn Bot

  1. Open up Pycharm and load the LinkedIn PyBot.
  2. Open the file and follow the instructions in comments to properly configure you bot.
  3. Run your bot
  4. Observe the bot and ensure the variables you put in are functioning as you would expect.

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