Free to Use United States Graphic

I was feeling a bit patriotic tonight, so I thought I would make a model that had both the silhouette of the United States, and the colors of the flag. It was a random idea, but it turned out pretty well for about an hour of time.

The image is at the end of this post if you would like to use for a project that might need such an image. simply right click on it and ‘save image as’.

I made this image a little different than normal 2d graphics. Below is a short summary on how this image was made.

I started in blender, to build the model:

Once the model was ready, I got the camera just right:

Get a Rendering:

After I had an image, I brought the image into gimp for final touches and scaling.

The final Result:

If you would like to use this image, it is open for any reuse.

You can also get this image on Instagram

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